Meet Kyle


Musician from Adelaide with a love for everything involving music technology.



Born in Adelaide, Australia at a young age Kyle started learning the guitar while an primary school. Through out his schooling years at Immanuel Primary School and Immanuel College, Kyle participated in a variety of different school bands and choirs. These bands and choirs performed and many different events from school showcases, to graduation ceremonies. During his years at college Kyle began learning the Piano, Bass Guitar, and Drums.



Upon Kyle's completion of high school he joined the Elder Conservatorium of Music at the University of Adelaide. Here in 2012, his first year Kyle completed a Certificate IV in Music (Technology). He then transferred into a Bachelor of Music in Sonic Arts he completed this in 2015.


With his completion of hi Bachelor degree Kyle was invite to participate in The University of Adelaide's Honours program and in the year 2016 Kyle completed this program. The University of Adelaide's Music Honours program is a 1 year course consisting of 3 projects.

For his first project Kyle wrote a paper called "The technical and social impact of the mp3" this paper investigated the impacts the wide use of the mp3 file format had. For instance the affect on piracy, music distribution, and the affect the mp3s quality had.

For his second project Kyle created an instrument called "The Kinect movement instrument" it is a digital instrument that makes use of the Xbox Kinect to track body movements and then produce audio based on those movements in space.

For his third and final project Kyle investigated the generation of music using fractal algorithms. The logistic map a fractal equation was incorporated into a program written by Kyle. This program use the equation to produce numbers based on the equation and then translate those numbers into audio.